Free power – Zoch Solar Charger

Good Gear

Around 18 months ago we reviewed the Australian designed and made solar charger marketed by Zochy’s Magnetos. Since then, we have had a unit it the garaged hitched up to four bikes, and the performance has been faultless.

Chris Zoch has now repacked and the devices into two models, one with switchable charging between six and twelve volts and the other fixed at 12 volts, with new graphics on the hardy aluminium case. The control unit has four independent outputs for trickle charging of batteries, powered by a single solar panel. Each output can be selected to 6 or 12V and it is suitable for both negative and positive earth bikes. The package includes a fused harness with non-reversible plug for permanent fitting to the motorcycle. Battery life is extended by avoiding deep discharge. Because the plug stays on the bike, it is quick and easy to connect: there are no alligator clips, no seats or side covers to remove and refit. Cars, boats and ride-on mowers can also be trickle-charged with this product.

For a 12V/6V switchable version RRP $240 (including solar panel, 4 battery harnesses and 4 x 4m cables). For 12V only version RRP $230 (including solar panel, 4 battery harnesses and 4 x 4m cables).

Available from Zochy’s Magnetos, phone 02 96744984 or mobile 0424011767.