Tracks in Time: Moorebank

Story: Jim Scaysbrook • Photos: Alec Fisher, Michael Andrews, Greg Heath In the early post-WW2 years, the now-densely populated southern and western suburbs of Sydney were dotted with scrambles courses: Holdsworthy, Glenfield and the Southern Districts […]

Tracks in Time: Mount Druitt, NSW

Story: Jim Scaysbrook • Photographs Frank Shepherd, Bill Tricker, Charles Rice • Archival assistance: John Wicks Even though it closed almost fifty years ago, Mount Druitt is inevitably mentioned whenever a bunch of old timers get […]

Kapooka – A one-off in Wagga

Story: Jim Scaysbrook • Photos: Frank Shepherd When Mount Druitt disappeared in November 1958, it left NSW with just one operational road racing circuit – the once-a-year bash at Bathurst at Easter. This had the effect […]

Mildura – Racing in the red

“Like a leg of lamb” was one description of the shape of the 3.8 mile (6.1 km) public road circuit just outside the centre of Mildura. “Mighty fast” was another. In the local aboriginal Latje […]