Yamaha YR-2: A line in the sand

The Japanese factories wanted 350s for the booming US market. Yamaha got there first. Story and photos: Jim Scaysbrook Yamaha called their first 350 the YR-1 Grand Prix (at least they did in USA), which […]

Mildura – Racing in the red

“Like a leg of lamb” was one description of the shape of the 3.8 mile (6.1 km) public road circuit just outside the centre of Mildura. “Mighty fast” was another. In the local aboriginal Latje […]

OBA Issue 49

Peggy Hyde: Rebel with a cause

Unfazed by reputations, officialdom, or rules, Peggy Hyde showed that gender is no limiting factor in motorcycle racing. Talk to Peggy Hyde today and it is immediately evident that little has changed in her approach […]

OBA Issue 45

Len Atlee: Quite a career

Towards the end of the 1960s, a group of callow youths from the south of Sydney, though somewhat intimidated by the stories they’d heard, decided to take the plunge and ride their shiny new Japanese […]

The Guzzi invasion

The publicity generated by reigning world champion Geoff Duke’s ‘Down Under’ tour in 1954/55 did not go unnoticed overseas. Duke made noises about a repeat performance for the summer season of 1955/56 but when this […]