A Manx for the road

Steve Tonkin has been building very special classic bikes to order for over 20 years, with around 100 different examples to date. Currently, his work is focussed on what is called the Tonkin Tornado – […]

1906 Rex: A Rex recreation

Story: Keith Hamilton • Photos: Jim Scaysbrook and Glenda Roach When Keith Hamilton was given a ‘sad collection of parts’ from which to reconstruct a 1905 Rex, he found the pile also contained large lumps of […]

Honda CB500: Petite four

Story and photos: Jim Scaysbrook Straddle a Honda CB750 today and it seems like a nice compact package, certainly not overly large by current standards. Yet when it was released in 1969, the media applied […]

G45 Matchless: The temperamental twin

Story: Jim Scaysbrook • Photos: Keith Ward, Dennis Quinlan, Keith Bryen, Jim Scaysbrook “The G45 was very simply a touring motorcycle, anything but inspiring.” These are the words of Australian international racer, the late Keith Bryen, […]

Doug Fraser’s Empire Twin

Story: Jim Scaysbrook • Photos: Photosmith.com.au , Jim Scaysbrook, Doug Fraser archives Doug Fraser is a BSA man from way back. In the fledgling days of historic racing he campaigned a very rapid B33 BSA and was particularly […]

The Rotary Club

Story: Jim Scaysbrook • Technical assistance: Paul Reed As the 1970s dawned, it seemed just about every major manufacturer was either working on or thinking about producing a motorcycle powered by a variation of the […]