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OBA Issue 77

The new TomTom Rider 550 allows you to not only plan the route to your destination, but pick the most interesting way to get there.

You can select from three separate levels of bends and hills, and the Rider 550 will work out the rest. You can even set a round trip with a different return route. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi equipped, the 550 syncs with your smart phone so you can connect to Siri and Google. The Traffic feature alerts you to delays and whether a faster route is available, and you enjoy lifetime World Maps to download for free. Importantly, your Rider 550 lets you know when you’re approaching a speed camera, and reminds you of the speed limit. This function can also be updated regularly by connecting to your computer. You can also get the latest maps, software and easily sync new route via built-in Wi-Fi, without the need to connect to a computer. Motorcycling often means bad weather, so the Rider 550 has a rugged, metallic-edged design that is rain and drop resistant. Instant start up happens with a new quad-core processor, and the screen is touch sensitive with gloved hands, even thick winter gloves. The rechargeable Lithium ion battery gives up to six hours of operation between charges, and the RAM mounting kit fits just about all bikes. There’s more benefits than just navigation in this unit, such as hanging onto your licence! RRP $599 in Australia.

For stockists see… www.tomtom.com/en_au/drive/motorcycle/

OBA Issue 77