CB750 stopping power

Good Gear

Brilliant as the original K series CB750 Hondas are, braking is not their strong point, and it gets no better with age.

You can change pads, brake lines and fluids, which helps, but part of the problem is the material used in the original disc rotors, which has a high nickel content. Given that these original rotors are now approaching their half century and have been subjected to repeated heat and cooling processes, it’s understandable that they are well past their best. Now Spanish company NG, which supplies OEM discs for many brands of motorcycles including MV Agusta and to several Moto2 teams, are producing a rotor and its black anodised carrier to suit the CB750 up to the K6. These are dimensionally identical to the original at 296mm OD and 7mm thick – the only difference being the more efficient floating rivets instead of solid. The discs can be used on either side (or both sides) of the fork legs. Australian importers Kenma have an initial shipment of 20 discs coming, priced at $299, so if you want one (or two), order now directly to Mick Withers at Kenma, phone (02) 9484 077 or email mick@kenma.com.au