28th Annual Vintage & Antique Motorcycle Auction (Mecum Auctions)

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This 1929 Husqvarna Model 30A is a bare-bones but charming 250cc racer from the MC Collection and a perfect example of how private owners modified their own machinery to participate in racing before the factory offered a production racer themselves.
  • Jan 26th 2019 / Saturday 09:00

Featuring the MC Collection of Stockholm, a world renowned showcase of mechanical art and design.

For more than 50 years, Christer R. Christensson has been collecting motorcycles, resulting in a world-renowned collection that is both extensive and representative of the very best of the best when it comes to motorcycle design and technology. Working alongside his colleague, Ove Johansson, and his highly skilled team of restorers, Christensson has built the MC Collection of Stockholm into a more than 400-motorcycle presentation that establishes the motorcycle not merely as a machine, but as a contemporary work of art and mechanical sculpture.

A truly international affair hosting motorcycles from marques around the world, the collection pays homage to the design engineers and motorcycles that have shaped the industry for more than 100 years, starting with the very first motorcycle produced, the Hildebrand & Wolfmüller of 1894. The MC Collection of Stockholm is a trip through time and space, showcasing motorcycles from pinnacle times in motorcycle history, such as early 20th-century board-track racing in America and the collapse of the English motorcycle industry in the ‘60s, when Japanese marques took hold of the motorcycle industry worldwide.

Christensson re-housed his unique personal collection in 1999 in a showroom near Stockholm built to both serve his collection’s needs and to share a selection of about 140 of his motorcycles with the general public, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to closely study the motorcycles and how they have evolved since 1894. Most recently, an opportunity arose for Christensson and Johansson that was just too good to pass on: residence at the Tidö Castle, one of Sweden’s best-preserved Baroque palaces in Dutch Renaissance style. While something to celebrate, spatial constraints at the castle also mean the pair have to part with a large portion of their meticulously maintained motorcycle collection, and as such, will now be offering 238 fine examples at Mecum’s 28th Annual Las Vegas Vintage and Antique Motorcycle Auction this January.

An undeniably impressive slice of the Swedish collection, those on offer range from the aforementioned 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmüller Replica and early American classics like a 1905 Indian Camelback, a 1914 Flying Merkel V-Twin and a 1917 Pope Model T-17, to a 1978 Ducati NCR Racer, a 1968 Munch 4TT Mammoth and more. Highlights abound throughout the collection and represent marques worldwide, including a 1924 NUT Twin, a rarely seen 1929 Opel Neander, a 1927 Husqvarna 180 and even the elusive 1939 Crock Big Tank, the venerable release from the short-lived Crocker Motorcycle Company. When the Las Vegas auction rolls around this January, one thing’s for certain: motorcycle enthusiasts will have a rare opportunity to take home a piece of this unique and renowned collection with 238 motorcycles from the MC Collection of Stockholm set to be offered on Friday, January 26.