2022 Classic Festival at Pukekohe NZ – the rush is on!

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A packed classic motorcycle field gets away in a combined race at Pukekohe Park in 2021. Photo: Chaotic Photography
  • Feb 3rd 2022 / Thursday 08:30
  • Pukekohe Park, 222/250 Manukau Road, Pukekohe Hill 2120, New Zealand

The go-ahead New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register has called for ‘Serious Expressions of Interest’ from Australians wishing to compete at the 2022 Classic Festival to be held at Pukekohe from February 3-6. 

Club president Ken McGeady says there has been such a high degree of interest that measures are being quickly put in place to allow transport from Australia to take place. “The interest we are getting is coming from a wide range of locations within Australia, and from an equally wide range of bike classes. The Register is very keen to support this opportunity and to arrange key communication contacts that can help with the overall organization, gather the bike specifications, and help to arrange the transportation logistical options on both sides of the ditch. We may have to limit the number of entrants in some classes based on the available grids positions. We have been getting very large numbers at the Festival, and although we will be able to spread the race groups, we may have to place a cap on the number of potential competitors.  We will need key information early, so that we can manage our Festival program to suit.”

“Several people in Australia have put up their hand to assist with enquiries. Dave Dunn in Sydney (0427 141644) will coordinate the transport conversations, and help share the race event information going forward. He is also has a connection with Gibson Freight and will work with NZ Auckland based Simon Davison who is part of Burnard International.  Simon Davison can be contacted on +64 (092567144).  The transportation logistics and Carnet components of this venture is likely to be the most difficult part of the process and we will need to work hard to keep this simple, and to manage costs effectively.

“Other Australian contacts are Bob Rosenthal in Melbourne (0409 262 727), and Brian March (0439 113 325). At this stage all participants will require an Australian MA Licence and Repatriation Insurance and a Start Permission will be issued through MNZ. Contact Motorcycling Australia on (03) 9684 0500 or go to ma.org.au. There is also a Register Championship event at Taupo on 18/19 February so we will need to get some idea if any Australians want to stay over the participate.”